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Normally, a collaborative robotic cell pays for itself after 6 month, in rare cases after one year. Compared to conventional industrial robot cells, cells with ROBOTIQ Plug & Play components can be integrated by theit own employees. Production is interupted for shorter periods and integration costs are reduced.

Manufacturers often have concerns about the use of robots in their production facilities because they feel that they are too expensive and too complicated. With Robotiq, collaborative robotic applications are greatly simplified so that production can begin more quickly.

Robotiq focuses on the production of flexible robot grippers, sensors and vision systems, automation for small and medium-sized companies without extensive technical knowledge, in order to achieve a fast return on investment. Therefore all Robotiq systems are easy to install and simple to program.

Whether flexible electric robot grippers or gripper systems, force-torque sensors and vision systems, real-time robot monitoring software or ready-to-use, downloadable robotics programs. Robotiq can be used to grip parts of different sizes and to give the robots a sense of touch and vision.

The focus is always on the cooperation between human and robot. To this end, software applications are used to accelerate robot projects and optimize robot performance.


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