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Lothar Schutzbach, Works Manager – Instruments

In more than 15 years of collaboration, ATEC has proven to be a reliable and constructive partner, and they are especially enthusiastic about innovative solutions for our high-quality automation systems. ATEC is always available at short notice, and provides a service which is way above average, making it a benchmark company in this field.

We appreciate ATEC’s project competence in all project phases. This is reflected in the results, which speak for themselves.


Martin Droste, Works Manager RSMVA

Our collaboration with ATEC is characterised by absolute reliability. The exceptionally good accessibility and the very short response times were equally positive for all issues arising during the project, as was the expertise provided in all of the information received. The functionality, user-friendliness and absolute reliability of the software solution developed are first class.


Jürgen Moser, CEO

As a GU company in the field of electrical system construction for energy, drive, automation and control technology, ATEC GmbH Automatisierungssoftware has supported us for many years as our partner for information technology and process control. Through all project phases, from the bid (calculation), through the design (programming) and on to commissioning (acceptance), ATEC is at our side – competent, loyal and very reliable. 

Despite our above-average engineering qualification, we have never lost a bid based on price when teamed with ATEC, because their long-standing experience of expected costs for programming work, as well as the licensing fees mean that costs can always be calculated in-line with the market, and that deadline delays never occur due to the correct assessment of possible risks. 

ATEC works with all our customers to directly and independently answer all questions relating to software design, which we as a GU greatly appreciate, and our customers always feel very well advised regarding process technology and operating and monitoring. 

The success of our company is also based on ATEC’s extensive expertise and diligence as our expert partner for the development of our automation software.


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